At Muslusky Law our team has more than fifteen years of combined legal experience. Our extensive knowledge of the court system in Las Vegas, insurance companies, third party policies, and other legal matters insures that we secure the compensation our clients deserve.

Individuals and employees who have are victims of accidents trust us across Las Vegas and Henderson not only because of our success track record, but because we treat our clients with the respect we extend to our own family members. We believe that while there is no monetary amount which can make up for your pain and stress caused by being injured, there is a compassion we can extend which will ease your recovery process.

Instead of just building an effective case, we also work alongside with you to insure that your medical bills, transportation, loss of income, and other expenses are being documented and taken care of. This will not only insure that you have less to worry about during the time you should be healing, but that we also build a strong case outlying the expenses of your accident: both the monetary ones and the non-monetary ones (such as a loss in the enjoyment of life or lessened wage capacity caused by an accident which results in a permanent disability.)

What Constitutes as a Personal Injury Claim?

A personal injury claim is any injury to a victim brought on by a wrongdoer as a result of negligence or willfulness. Personal injury includes but is not limited to the harm caused by the situations outlined below:

  • Auto accidents
  • Slipping and falling
  • Dog attacks
  • Work accidents
  • Poisoning
  • Unsafe property
  • Construction

The Importance of Maintaining a Journal

When it comes to personal injury claims, pain and mental anguish plays a big role in the compensation that is awarded. Since your recovery and claim can go on for a while, it’s recommended to keep a journal of your day to day feeling and experiences. A journal outlining the limitations caused by your injury, the pain, and the emotional impact is a valuable tool that insures you get a fair settlement for your injury. However, it’s important to remember that this journal should only be shared with your lawyer.

Should I Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

In a 1999 study determining how cost effective hiring an attorney can be, the Insurance Research Council (IRC) discovered that people representing themselves earned an average settlement payment 350% less than a settlement an attorney would have obtained.

Since insurance companies and large employment companies have many legal resources and court experience, it is very unwise to fight them in battle by yourself. Furthermore, insurance companies benefit from paying out the smallest claims possible. Any money that they don’t have to pay out, is money in the company’s pockets. This causes insurance companies to act dishonestly sometimes. For example, insurance companies have been known to contact victims and offer to pay their medical bills.

When the unsuspecting victim sends those bills in, they come back declined by the insurance company for having been “unnecessary” or “excessive.” Before signing yourself into a binding contract with a company that in the business of giving out meager settlement claims, consider getting in touch with a lawyer to examine your case and the best course of action possible.

Free Personal Injury Consultations in Las Vegas

We provide free legal consultations for all Las Vegas’ residents and surrounding areas. Don’t hesitate to call! Our free personal injury consultations have no obligations. This complimentary evaluation of your case is great opportunity for us to get to know your case and whether we can accept it, as well as for you to learn about the ligation process and have any questions you may have answered.