Casino and Show Performances Las Vegas and Henderson NV

If you or a loved one has been injured in a casino or during a show performance, it’s important to figure out where the fault lies. Las Vegas can be a great place for entertainment but it is also an area where a lot of injuries and life-impacting accidents happen. It’s our job to make sure that you get the compensation you deserve for injuries that you shouldn’t have fallen victim to.

A Free Consultation with a Las Vegas Injury Lawyer

The longer you wait to look into an accident the more likely evidence will go undocumented or disappear. At Muslusky Law, we offer a free consultation for victims of casino or show performances, so that they can get the legal counsel they deserve right away. Just give us a call at 702-302-2277 to set up an appointment. Our consultation has no obligations. It merely gives injured victims and our lawyers a chance to meet and discuss a case, the civil lawsuit process, and other questions that either party may have.

Types of Casino and Show Performance Accidents

Show performance accidents can happen both to those performing and to the audience. For example, performers could become injured onstage due to a damaged floor or damaged props. And the audience could be injured by circus acts gone wrong and props flying offstage.

In casinos, people can also fall down and slip due to the negligence of property owners. With so many people attending large venues and shows, it’s obvious that something that can go wrong will eventually go wrong.

Aside from the typical injuries you’d imagine to happen in a casino or show, there are many other situations that may need to be represented in court. Consider the possibility of a dancer getting uncomfortably close to an audience member, or a rogue comedian making fun of an audience member.

As ironic as it may sound, casino security also holds the potential to injury a person. There have been too many cases where a security member used excessive or unnecessary force in removing people from their property.

Our Approach

At Muslusky Law, we have the experience necessary to fight on your behalf so that you may spend your time and energy recovering. When you hire us, your health and fair compensation is our number one priority. With that in mind, we will do everything to ensure that you are taken care of.

An injury in Las Vegas can leave the victim with permanent scars, loss of work capacity, and large hospital bills. It is our duty to ensure that the victims of these injuries are properly compensated by the party liable for their loss.

Something we take into account when helping you figure out what step is best for going forward is the cost of going to court. If the fees of opening a civil lawsuit are so high that it’s not in your interest to do so, we may approach the liable party for an out of court settlement. Sometimes an out of court settlement may be more beneficial for a victim.

What to Watch out For After an Injury

It is too common for a casino to approach a victim and ask them for a statement or offer a low settlement. Do not give any recorded statements and do not accept settlements without consulting with a professional first. Likewise, if an insurance agent working for a casino or show asks you for a statement or offers a settlement, do not go along with it.

The downsides of accepting a settlement from the liable party is that they will make you sign a form which states that you will not sue them. This takes away your power to aggressively fight for a settlement that reflects your damages. It is essentially sweeping a mistake under the rug without properly addressing it. Furthermore, giving a statement to a property owner or an insurance agent could be used against you later in the case.

The settlement offers that a liable party makes will be inline with their own interests. Likewise, when they ask for a statement they are collecting evidence for their own defense. When you hire a professional lawyer in Las Vegas, they will represent your best interests. They will be able to assess the fairness of a settlement offer, negotiate a better out-of-court settlement, or open a civil lawsuit case and aggressively fight in your favor.