Dog Bites-Dog Attacks in Las Vegas

Personal injury that is caused by dog bites can cause many complications that range from muscle damage and scarring to psychological trauma that can last a lifetime. Dog bite cases can also be very complex since the victim and dog owners are not always between strangers.

However, the last thing dog bite victims should have to worry about, while paying medical bills and dealing with a loss of income, is a lost friendship. At Muslusky Law we understand how complicated a legal case could make a relationship between friends, and are fully dedicated to providing the best legal representation to fully cover any personal injury that our clients may have experienced.

When pursuing claims for our clients we focus on providing them with the best coverage possible. This ensures that they can cover their loss and move on from any trauma they suffered in the timeliest manner possible.

Our Approach to Dog Bite Prosecution in Las Vegas

Before taking on a case we will meet with you, as part of a completely free consultation, to learn about the circumstances around your personal injury claim. During this meeting we will take notes on the traumatic event you went through as well as the personal injury and damages that followed.

The following step is determining what damage coverage you are legally entitled to, as well as sharing our opinion of the case itself. Once the evaluation phase is complete and we begin to pursue a legal settlement for your damages, we do everything in our power to make sure that you get what you deserve.

Laws Concerning Dangerous and Vicious Dogs in Nevada

A dog that has attacked someone without being provoked twice within 18 months is classified as a “dangerous dog” according to Nevada law. Although there is an exception to this classification if the dog was defending itself or the property of its owner against a criminal, or against provocation.

Another type of dangerous dog is referred to as a “vicious” dog, which is one that has caused severe injury without being provoked, or one which has killed someone. Those that knowingly own a vicious dog can be charged with a category D felony in the event of personal injury.

At Muslusky Law we are prepared to explain both of these categorizations for aggressive dogs, especially since it makes a big difference in terms of pursuing a settlement. Not to mention that the evidence which is presented for a dangerous dog versus a vicious dog are very different and need to be properly examined.

In every dog bite case that we work on, we conduct in-depth interviews with those that are familiar with the dog and its owner as well as collect all of the evidence necessary to file a claim that highlights the violent history of a dog. If there is recorded negligence on the owner’s part that is also something that we take into account. We make sure that all of the evidence available is properly used in the case so that you may get a settlement that will allow your quality of life to go on undisturbed by a dog attack.

Legal Representation for Dog Bites

If you or a loved one has suffered personal injury from a dog bite in Las Vegas it’s necessary to get in touch with a lawyer as soon as possible. In some cases it is advisable to open a civil lawsuit right after the attack, and in other cases it’s advisable to collect evidence and determine just how much personal damage and health bills were necessary. If your case is between yourself and a friend, it’s important to not shy away from pursuing legal compensation for your loss and damages that you incur.

At Muslusky Law we can guarantee you that any case which we pursue is on a professional basis, and not personal in any manner. A friendship or family connection can go on as before while we ensure that you are properly compensated for the property or personal damage you may have incurred as result of an attack.