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Being charged with a DUI in Nevada can result in an immediate suspension of your driver’s license. Thereafter, a hearing will be set by the Nevada DMV regarding this matter. Your intoxication level and other prior traffic violations, could result in revocation of your driver’s license if you fail to attend the hearing.

A DUI conviction is a serious legal matter which likely results in suspension/revocation of your driving privilege, points on your driving record, higher insurance premiums, a possible criminal record, victim awareness training, and other consequences. The fallout of being charged with a DUI is what makes it so critical to find the right lawyer to represent you. At Muslusky Law we work with you in order to reduce, or in some cases even dismiss, these charges.

Our firm work to protect your interests and to minimize the negative impact on your life from a DUI conviction. Having your license suspended or revoked can cut into many aspects of your life ranging from your job, family, hobbies, and relationships.

No matter how hopeless you may feel about the possible verdict of your DMV hearing, it is imperative you schedule an appointment with us for a free consultation at (702) 322-2277. This consultation will help you decide what the most effective and cost-efficient option is going forward with your Las Vegas or Henderson DMV hearing.

Securing the right attorney who has a solid understanding of DUI laws, procedures, and the legal system will make the difference between having your license revoked and possibly not having it taken away at all. If you have been convicted of a DUI in the past, then you need to act fast in order to minimize the financial setbacks that not being able to drive a car.

Many drivers really do think that their DUI case is hopeless. But, that is often far from the case. Many drivers charged with a DUI and a BAC reading of 0.8 or more believe pleading guilty is the only option. However, our firm’s skilled lawyers are trained to scour the evidence, and help our clients determine what the best course of action to take. Every case is different and it is important to secure the right attorneys to review all of the evidence to help you make the best decision possible.

DUI Hearing Lawyers in Las Vegas and Henderson

If it is important for a driver charged with a DUI to find a lawyer that specializes in the DUI laws in his/her state, it is just as critical to find a lawyer in the immediate area. At Muslusky Law we specialize in the DUI laws of Nevada and we know the courts in Las Vegas and surrounding areas.

All too often, we have seen many drivers accept or plead guilty to a DUI charge either because they thought it was their only option, or because they did not have the finances to secure the right attorney to fight for them. These drivers ended up losing even more money due to transportation difficulties and increased insurance premiums in the long run: far more than if they fought the charge. That is exactly why we work out payment options with our clients at Muslusky Law.

Do not give in to being told your case is hopeless or it would be hard to fight in court without first seeking the advice of counsel. The sooner you call our firm at (702) 322-2277, the sooner we can start working on your case and help relieve the stress associated with such a severe charge.

Reckless Driving in Las Vegas

In the state of Nevada, reckless driving is considered a misdemeanor which is punishable with added points on a driver’s license, fines, and imprisonment. Although some people believe that reckless driving refers to just speeding or driving erratically under the influence, drivers can be charged with this offense for any traffic violation regardless of their mindset.

A driver which allegedly ran a red light, hit a median while driving, changed lanes without using their turn signal, or used their horn frequently can be charged with reckless driving. First time offenders which do not cause severe physical harm through their reckless driving can be punished with up to six months in jail, as well as a fine of $250 to $1000. Second time offenders can also be punished with the same amount of jail time, and an increased fine of $1000-1500. By the third offense, the fine is increased to $1500-2000.

In the event that a reckless driving occurrence is the cause of the death or harm of another person, the crime is considered a category B felony in Nevada. A guilty sentencing for such a charge can result in one to six years of jail time, and $2000-5000 in fines.

If you’ve been charged with reckless driving in Las Vegas or Henderson, then it is important that you find a skilled attorney to represent you in court. At Muslusky Law our team has over 50 years of combined experience protecting the interests of our clients by examining all of the evidence to build an effective case that will minimize or dismiss their charge. To give you an accurate representation of your options going forward, give us a call at (702) 322-2277 for a free consultation.

Reckless Driving Attorney in Las Vegas

All cases, no matter how complex, are different and require the same level of investigation. To provide the best defense for each driver charged with reckless driving, we perform accident reconstruction, investigations, and witness cross-examination.

With reckless driving cases in Las Vegas and Henderson, one of our utmost goal in court is to prove that the driver’s charge cannot be proved beyond a reasonable doubt. In cases where there were no witnesses other than police, we argue that there is a lack of evidence to prove such a charge. In cases where the prosecutor will utilize witnesses, we fight the case by minimizing reckless driving to a lesser charge, or even get witnesses dismissed through cross examination.

DUI Reckless Driving

Since pleading guilty to a DUI may cause the defender’s license to be suspended in Las Vegas and Henderson, many drivers require an alternative. Not to mention that a DUI guilty verdict will result in a criminal record which has a significant employment and social impact. In DUI cases that cannot be dismissed, one of the options is to fight the case to reduce the DUI charge to reckless driving.

Although reckless driving verdicts may still sentence the defender to DUI School and add points to their driving record, it will not result in a driver license suspension or complications with future driving or DUI charges.

Finding the Right Attorney in Las Vegas

Drivers which seek out the best legal counsel and defense increase their chances of having their charges reduced or dismissed twofold. Immigrants or non-citizens hold it to themselves even more to win their case, since a guilty verdict may result in losing their resident status.

To benefit from a legal firm’s examination and recommendation of your case, give us a call at (702) 322-2277.