Elevator or Escalator Accident Las Vegas and Henderson NV

Thousands of people use elevators and escalators in Las Vegas everyday without expecting any problems. While it’s easy to take the operation of these machines for granted, we forget that they can cause serious injuries.

No elevator or escalator is responsible for the damages it causes. The responsibility falls on property owners or employees that have failed to meet their maintenance duties. When something goes wrong with these machines it’s often at the hands of those responsible for putting them together or maintaining them.

Here at Muslusky Law, it is our job to determine who is responsible for our clients’ damages. We have years of experience bringing insurance companies, machine manufacturers, property owners, and property managers to court. We have everything it takes to help guide you through the civil lawsuit process and make certain that you win a settlement that compensates you for your losses.

A Free Lawyer Consultation

In order to examine the evidence while it is still recent, we provide all injury victims with a free consultation. This initial appointment gives us the chance to learn more about your accident, who may be responsible, and whether or not you have a case. It gives us an opportunity to determine whether we should take on your case, depending on its chances of succeeding.

What to Do After an Elevator or Escalator Accident

If you are injured by these machines and need medical assistance, call an ambulance right away. And if you or someone with you can document the accident it’s important to do so. Take photos of your injuries, where the accident took place, and what may have caused the accident.

You should also save your shoes and clothes. Sometimes a defendant may argue that the fault lies with the victim, and having proof to deny such arguments is important.

What Look into During a Case

In cases that involve an elevator or escalator accident, we will obtain security footage from around the area where the injury occurred. We will also ask for the contracts and records of elevator install companies, maintenance companies, and so forth. Furthermore, we will look into work records that go back even years before the accident took place.

Elevators require constant testing, so in cases that involve them we will look into those records as well. We will procure inspection reports from before the accident as well as professional reports determined after the accident took place.

If the fault lies with an inspection company clearing an elevator or escalator that had a fault, we will file a claim against their insurance company. If a the fault lies with the owner not hiring a maintenance company on time, we will a claim against them or their own insurance company.

Reasons for Escalator Accidents

We have listed some of the reasons that cause escalator accidents, but there are many more than this:

Defective motors
Safety mechanism failure
Defective cables
Sudden acceleration or deceleration
Absence of necessary warning labels

Reasons for Elevator Accidents

Below we have also listed some of the reasons that lead to elevator accidents:

Sudden stopping
Getting stuck between floors
Doors close too quickly
Doors open during operation
Insufficient lighting
Slippery surfaces
Lack of maintenance

Elevator or Escalator Accident Lawyers

When filing a civil lawsuit it’s important to hire a lawyer that is familiar with elevator and escalator cases. Here at Muslusky Law, all of our lawyers are skilled in investigating accidents that occur with these machines. We have the knowledge and dedication that will help us search through dozens of records, companies, and witness evidence to prove your case.

If you or a loved one has become a victim of an injury that could have been prevented, you deserve the best Las Vegas elevator injury lawyer. An experienced lawyer will be able to win compensation that covers your loss of income, expenses, and pain.

Whether your accident happened at work, in a casino, an airport, a hotel, or department store, we can help. It is estimated that about 10,00 people are injured every year because of escalator accidents, and many of those injured are children. Those injured are not responsible for defective