Food Poisoning in Las Vegas and Henderson NV

If you or a loved one has fallen victim to negligent food poisoning, you may be entitled to a settlement. The size of the settlement will depend on the specifics of the case, as well as the delay between eating the food and becoming sick. Sometimes there may not be enough evidence for a case to be opened. The only way to really know what you’re dealing with is to consultant with a professional lawyer that understands the complex liability around food poisoning.

 At Muslusky Law we have seen too many cases that could have gone to court but didn’t get opened in time. Sometimes victims may feel like they were at fault, or they may feel like there isn’t enough evidence. Delaying a civil lawsuit only leads to any evidence that is present to disappear overtime, making it harder and harder to make a case. This is why we offer free consultants for all victims of food poisoning.

 No matter what the situation may be, if you think you’ve become sick because of food that was served to you, give us a call at 702-302-2277. Our staff is available everyday to answer your call and setup a free consultation with a professional lawyer in Las Vegas.

 How is Food Poisoning Legally Categorized?

When food makes a person ill, the food itself is defective because it is not what was expected. This causes food poisoning to often be categorized as defective product liability claims. If the food poisoning was intentional, or caused because of negligence that could have been avoided, then the claim may be handled differently.

 Since food has the potential to harm whoever eats it, there are many strict laws designed to protect people from food that makes them ill. These laws removes the requirement to prove that the supplier of the food was not careful in making, storing, or distributing the food. All you have to prove as a victim is that the food you ate made you ill.

 If a food preparer or distributor was aware of a problem with their process, but did not take action to fix it, they can also be liable for negligence. Negligence is often harder to prove. However, a settlement due to a problem that was brought to the attention of the food provider and not fixed will be much higher than merely an accidental case of food poisoning.

 Sometimes food poisoning can also be categorized as a breach of warranty. If a package labels food as having been cleaned a certain way, or if a package makes a guarantee but violates it, the warranty has been broken.

 Proving a Food Poisoning Case in Las Vegas

 In order to succeed in a civil lawsuit, you have to prove where the liability falls for the victim’s damages. Food poisoning cases can be extremely difficult, or extremely easy to prove depending on the circumstances around the illness. If a store has made a recall for a certain food, or if the government has issued a notice, it will be much easier to win a settlement claim for food poisoning.

 Food Poisoning Symptoms

 If you have experienced the symptoms below, or any other experience that is not normal for you, it is important to go to a doctor and identify the cause. It’s also important to document your symptoms, diagnosis, and all of the places you remember having eaten at in the past few days or even weeks.

  • Diarrhea
  • Cramps
  • Fever
  • Vomiting
  • Blood in stool
  • Trouble swallowing
  • Weak muscles
  • Nausea
  • Headaches

 Sometimes food poisoning causes symptoms to occur right away, but at other times it may take hours, days, or even weeks. If a certain vendor of fish is selling slightly contaminated fish for example, it may take repeated and frequent meals to notice that illness has set in.

 Our Experience

 We have many years of experience holding businesses and individuals accountable for their damages. Our lawyers have won settlements from businesses, insurance companies, and individuals. By providing a reliable and professional service Muslusky Law has become a recognized law firm in Las Vegas and its surrounding areas.

When we fight for your settlement, we make sure that you get the amount that you are entitled to. We are dedicated to covering your time out of work, hospital bills, and other damages brought on by food poisoning. Just give us a call to learn more 702-302-2277