Hotel and Casino Injuries or Accidents in Las Vegas

When visiting Las Vegas, whether for business or for pleasure, you should be confident that your stay will be relaxing and safe. However, some venues may not offer the best maintenance and security. Such shortcomings can lead to personal injury, property damage, and even theft.

If you’ve suffered any damages or loss that a business may be held liable for, it’s important that you seek out legal representation to determine the best steps for financial recovery.

Our Approach to Personal Injury Cases in Las Vegas

We offer free consultations for anyone that may need legal counsel in Las Vegas. This gives us a chance to learn more about potential victims’ cases, suggest the best path going forward, and also determine whether a case is one that we will take on.

One of the biggest factors we have seen in victims not getting the compensation they deserve is not being aware that they are entitled to compensation. If you have suffered any loss or injury on the property of a hotel or casino, do not shy away from the idea of seeking a settlement that covers your expenses.

For example, if a potential client falls down stairs at a hotel they may think that it was their own fault and not pursue the case further. But what they may not know is that a dozen other people have fallen down those same stairs in the past year and the hotel has chosen not to add a guardrail or a sign to minimize further accidents. Without coming forward about your case you could be missing out on having your hospital bills, missed work, and other expenses fully covered by the business liable for the accident.

Proving The Negligence of a Hotel or Casino

In order to hold a business liable for damages it has to be established that they are responsible for the accident due to a form of negligence. Hotels are especially responsible for the protection of their guests as outlined by premises liability law.

A business that offers lodgings for guests has to continually inspect and maintain its properties. They have to ensure that their location is free of dangerous situations such as fixing water leaks, which could lead to slipping, or fixing a machine, which could pose a risk if left unrepaired.

A hotel also has the duty to provide appropriate lighting, inspect for bed bugs, provide ample security measures, hire employees with clean backgrounds, train pool staff to keep guests safe, maintain public spaces, maintain locks, and various other responsibilities.

If you experience any inconvenience at a hotel it’s necessary to determine exactly what the circumstances around the accident or damages were. In past few decades there have been successful lawsuits against hotels due to negligent design and construction. Just because something appears to have been your fault, or if that’s what the hotel staff tells you, does not mean it is necessarily so.

There are obviously cases in which a hotel or casino will not be held liable for personal injury. Consider for example that your friend spills their drink and ruins your shirt. The hotel is not liable for such a damage. But if there is a leak in the closet that leads to ruining your shirt, the matters are much different and the business may be held liable.

Since there are many scenarios in which a guest of a hotel or casino may suffer damages, it’s impossible to advise victims of these cases without knowing the exact details of the event. This is why we recommend that you get in touch with a Las Vegas lawyer as soon as you can so that they may advise you directly on your situation.

An Experienced Law Firm That You Can Trust

At Muslusky Law we have over a decade of experience with cases that involve personal injuries which hotels and casinos are held liable for. These range from inadequate locks on hotel room doors and insufficient lighting to bedbug infestations, and other avoidable issues which could have been avoided.

If you are injured in a Las Vegas hotel or casino, don’t let there be any guesswork when it comes to figuring out if business negligence was the cause of your accident. Hire a lawyer who will do their due diligence in finding out what happened, as well as aggressively fight for the settlement you may be entitled to.