In-Room Accidents in Las Vegas and Henderson NV

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in a hotel room due to bad intentions or negligence, it’s important to get in touch with a professional lawyer. Many victims may feel like their accident was their own fault but this is far from the case most of the time.

Consider a situation where someone knocks into a TV table and the TV falls on their foot, breaking it. You might suspect that the blame to lie solely on them. However, where the blame lies can depend on a variety of details. Has the hotel had problems with their TVs falling off tables before? Were they aware that this problem could be fixed by mounting things that can harm guests to the walls?

There are many other problems that can arise in a hotel room, ranging from direct physical injury to other damages. We’ve listed some of these problems below so that you can become familiar with them and know who may be at fault. We also provide details for the steps you should take if you have experienced injuries because of these problems yourself.


Guests can end up being burned in a hotel through a various amount of ways. Water temperatures that are too high can result in instant burns, defective ironing machines can result in fires, and defective ovens can also pose a problem. If you are ever burned in a hotel room it is important to get to a hospital and identify the range of your damages.

The next step in documenting a burn accident at a hotel is getting photos, names of witnesses, and names of the hotel owners. Burns can also result in loss of work capacity, scars, and mental trauma. It is important to write down any impact that an accident may have had in your life in a journal. This way, your lawyer can present an account of your pain and suffering along with other documents during trial.

Bed Bugs

Hotels have a responsibility to make sure that their guests are safe and provided with clean accommodations. If you are the victim of a bed bug infestation, it’s a good idea to get legal help and determine if the hotel did everything it could to prevent such damages from occurring. Bed bugs can result in irritation to the skin, allergic reactions, and thousands of dollars of cleaning fees.

If you get back home after a trip and find your clothes and suitcases infested with bedbugs, then it’s possible it all started with your hotel stay. Write down the name of the place you stayed at and any other information you may have. And make sure to begin your investigation as soon as you can before your evidence is gone! Feel free to give us a call at 702-302-2277 to set up a free appointment or to get advice on how you should proceed with the hotel.

Slips and Falls

If a hotel has uneven floors, loose carpeting, or other defects, it can lead to a serious accident. Since hotel staff regularly cleans rooms it is unacceptable for a problem with flooring to exist. And if a room ever has a spill inside as soon as you enter and you become injured, the hotel company may be at fault for your injuries.

Do not assume that an accident was your fault if it happens in a hotel room. Even a wet bathroom floor that causes you to slip could have been at the fault of a rushing staff member who did not complete the drying process of their routine.

Property Damage

Sometimes hotels may have leaks within their roofs from rain, or within their walls from pipes, and this can lead to property damage. If your clothes or things are ever damaged in a hotel room because of negligent accommodations, you may be entitled to a settlement.

How is a Settlement Calculated?

A fair settlement should cover any expense a victim incurs because of an accident that a hotel or company is at fault for. This includes medical bills, missed work, and even psychological trauma.

At Muslusky Law, it is our job to get you the best settlement possible and take care of your legal affairs while you are recovering. To learn more about how we can help you with your case, give us a call today: 702-302-2277.