Motorcycle Accidents in Las Vegas

Motorcycle accidents can leave motorcyclists with severe injuries, permanent disabilities, and a recurring need for physical therapy or medical care. If you’ve been a victim of a motorcycling accident, then our lawyers can help answer all of your questions and provide with the best legal advice going forward.
We provide all citizens in Las Vegas and its surrounding areas with a free consultation of their case, which includes everything from an honest opinion of whether our services would be worth it, and other vital information. To make use of this free consultation, give us a call at (702) 322-2277. Do not underestimate your case and think that it is too small for our firm since we handle claims of all accident severity.

The Myth about Motorcyclists

Insurance companies and defenders often try to pin accidents on motorcyclists based on the stigma that they drive dangerously on roads. A defender might try to dismiss a case, or minimize the settlement, by arguing that the victim was lane splitting or changing, or speeding. Representing yourself legally in a motorcycle accident claim wouldn’t be very effective considering that insurance companies are in the busy of paying out claims as small as possible, and that their legal team has hundreds of years of combined experience under their belt.

Our Firm’s Approach
At Muslusky Law our team works around the clock to insure that you’re not possibly held liable for an accident you did not cause, and that you’re not undercompensated. In the event that an insurance company contacts you asking if you’d give a statement, do not interact with them further and seek legal counsel immediately. If you already have a lawyer representing you, tell them immediately.

Some tactics that insurance companies use to work their way out of having to pay for accidents is getting in touch with the victim and offering to pay for their medical bills. Then when the medical bills are sent into the insurance for payment, they decline them due to being “excessive” or “unnecessary” bills.

Don’t let insurance companies and small-out-of court settlement offers push you around. When you hire us to work on your case, we’ll let the defenders know that we mean business. In fact, many of our cases are settled out of court swiftly and fairly, because it is easier for insurance companies to do so than battle out a case in court.

While working around the clock to insure that you have the necessary time for recovering from your accident, we also build an effective settlement claim. The claim will be based on your loss of income, future lost income, lost earning capacity, medical bills, future medical bills, pain and suffering, mental anguish, and other factors caused by your accident.

Get the Justice You Deserve!

Medical bills and loss of income makes many victims of motorcycle accidents believe that they won’t be able to afford the legal counsel of a lawyer firm. However, here at Muslusky Law we work out payment options with our clients to insure that they can afford the legal help they require. After all, investing in a lawyer to secure a settlement for current and future losses is much more cost-effective than paying everything out of pocket. Depending on your case, we can also work on a contingency fee basis in which you pay nothing unless we successfully recover a settlement for you.