Negotiating a Settlement Las Vegas

Whether you need someone to negotiate a settlement out of court on your behalf or during a trial, it’s crucial that you hire a professional. With the right evidence any lawyer can prove that a third party is responsible for certain damages, but it takes much more to win a fair settlement.

The civil lawsuit process can be very controversial. Even the term “suing” has a negative connotation. However, we find that settlements are a very necessary part of today’s complex life. If you are injured because of someone’s negligence should you be the one that pays the price in hospital bills, loss of work capacity, and other damages? Obviously, whoever is responsible for such damages is also responsible for the full ramifications that an accident causes.

Determining A Fair Settlement

In order to determine what a fair settlement is, before even making an offer, a lot of details have to be taken into consideration. Was an injury caused intentionally or on accident? Was the accident caused by negligence that could have been avoided?

At Muslusky Law, we investigate every aspect of a case to determine how much fault lies on the offending party. We investigate by looking up maintenance records, repair records, and various other information. This gives us the chance to find out who is really at fault for the damages. In an auto accident for example, a defective steering wheel that has been recalled could be at fault and not the driver.

Aside from the monetary expenses that a victim may accumulate from an accident that someone else holds the blame for, they may also experience pain and suffering. This pain and suffering can be fear of driving or doing what led up to the accident, insomnia, constant worrying, depression, and various other symptoms.

In order to keep an accurate account of the impact of an accident, we recommend that all of our clients keep a journal of the way that their life has changed. This journal can come in handy when presenting hospital bills and other records. It can help paint the picture of the full extent of damages in an accurate way that doesn’t leave out any details.

If you have missed out on family trips or became self-conscious after an injury, write it down along with a date entry. If you have suffered from libel or other damages, write down exactly how you were impacted.

By using all of the evidence and information available to us, our professional lawyers will be able to determine a reasonable settlement. Winning the settlement desired will then require aggressive fighting in court. Insurance companies do not want to lose profits by paying out a large, although necessary, settlement. Private parties do not want to hand over money either, and they will be aggressively fighting for their own side.

When you hire Muslusky Law, your recovery and fair compensation becomes our number one priority. To learn more about the civil lawsuit process, or to setup a free consultation, give us a call at 702-302-2277.

Our Approach to Negotiating a Settlement in Las Vegas

Sometimes taking a case to trial might cost so much that it makes more sense for a client to negotiate an out-of-court settlement. When negotiating without going to trial, lawyers have to essentially convince the offending party that their case is strong and that they will win if it ends up in court. We have many years of experience negotiating fair out-of-court settlements and are ready to help you negotiate one as well, should you desire to

If a case goes to court we will first prove that the offending party is responsible, and then present the damages incurred. The next step is convincing the defendant to pay a reasonable sum that will cover the victim’s expenses, or convincing the judge to order such a payment.

I Can’t Afford Starting a Lawsuit

Many victims delay taking a case to court because they fear that they can’t afford it. However, depending on the case’s chances of success a client can negotiate a retainer fee with their lawyer. This means that if a settlement is awarded the client will pay a part of the sum to their lawyer, otherwise they won’t owe anything. To see if your case qualifies for a retainer and what the best way to go forward is, just give us a call at 702-302-2277.