Muslusky Law is the leading law firm in Nevada for out of state clients. If you have experienced personal injury or property damages anywhere in this state, give us a call so that we may learn more about your case. We will do everything possible to assist you in going forward with your claim and winning the settlement that you deserve.

It’s understandable that hiring a lawyer in your home state may be more convenient but that is not necessarily be the most effective option. A lawyer that is not familiar with Nevada laws may end up charging you more for the research they have to conduct, or may even cause your case to be thrown out if the civil procedures of Nevada are not followed.

Accidents Happen – and They Don’t Stay in Vegas

Las Vegas is a beautiful city but unfortunately it can also be risky due to its popularity as a hotbed for wild vacations and parties. It’s a fact that this city has highest DUI accidents and arrest rates in the nation. If you find yourself a victim of such an accident, or suffer any loss in Vegas, the consequences will extend further than your stay here.

At Muslusky Law we are dedicated to making sure that you are fairly compensated for any injury or damages which you may be victim to. We want to minimize and eventually completely remedy any unpleasant effects brought on by an accident in Vegas.

The Benefits of an In-State Lawyer

An in-state lawyer can file complaints in Nevada local courts that is extremely helpful when battling an insurance company. Not to mention that a local lawyer will also hold more clout in and be able to aggressively pursue your case, both in the courtroom and in gathering the necessary evidence for ensuring your success.

The benefit of hiring a lawyer at Muslusky Law is that we have over a decade of experience in Las Vegas accident and injury cases. We also have an excellent reputation of being reliable, great at communicating with our clients, and extremely professional.

When Should You Seek Nevada Legal Representation?

If you are getting an annulment or a divorce with someone who lives in the state of Nevada, or for a marriage that happened in Vegas, it’s best to hire a local lawyer. Another appropriate time to seek in-state legal representation is when fighting a charge brought to you against the state, or when opening a civil case that involves an incident and party that resides in Nevada.

Out of State Clients

Clients that hire us can rest assured that communication will be as effective over the phone and email as it would be in person. We also expedite important legal documents through the mail, so there is never any concern to be had over the logistics of working across different states or even different time-zones.

Common Accidents that Happen in Las Vegas

We’ve seen just about every type of accident occur here in Las Vegas, ranging from property damages caused by a taxicab to slips and falls caused by hotel negligence. We are very skilled in securing settlements for the victims of such claims, and are ready to take on your case. If you have experienced any injury or property damages in Nevada, don’t hesitate to call us.

Some common accidents that take place in Las Vegas include valet accidents, rental car liability, pedestrian accidents, slip and falls, and food poisoning. If you have experienced an injury or property damage due to any of these accidents or another reason, it’s important to figure out where the liability lies. We offer free consultations in person, as well as over the phone so don’t hesitate to give us a call regardless of the state you’re in.

Also, since this city is a popular place for tourists it’s common for auto accidents to take place with out-of-state drivers. If you were part of an auto accident, as a driver or pedestrian, it’s important to understand that Nevada law stands over the accident. Because of this, a Nevada lawyer is necessary in aggressively fighting for personal injury or property damage compensation.