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Muslusky Law’s Free Bicycle Accident Consultation

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At Muslusky Law, our firm is the leading legal practice in Nevada for bicycle-accident cases. While other practices claim that they specialize in bicycle accidents, they most likely specialize in auto accidents and do not...

Cell Phones & Texting in Nevada

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Cell Phones & Texting Texting, accessing the internet and hand-held cell phone use while driving are illegal in Nevada as of January 1st, 2012. (NRS 484B.165 | Quick Tip) The fines are $50 for the first offense in...


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When roads are wet from rain, water over the roadway reduces your vehicle’s tire traction. Add to that the fact that rain can reduce or impair a driver’s view of the road, and it’s easy...


  • Yelp Review 2/22/2019 Adam and his team were absolutely wonderful in taking care of my workers comp case. Adam’s knowledge of all aspects of this area made him successful at handling it from start to finish. His team always answered, or called back immediately. Adam always answers all my questions patiently and never left me unsure about anything. Highly recommended if you want a team to seamlessly handle a difficult situation and take the burden out of your hands!! Jennifer S. North Las Vegas, NV
  • Yelp Review 6/15/2018 I so appreciate Mr. Muslusky’s dedication and care for his clients. He helped me with a complicated case. I was an injured passenger in a car. Our vehicle was unable to avoid an accident that occurred in front of us. I was able to receive appropriate compensation for my injuries. While I speak English, I greatly appreciate that Mr. Muslusky is certain to employ bilingual clerks. I truly believe he fights for the little guy. Thank you! Brianna L. Las Vegas, NV
  • Yelp Review 5/9/2018 So thankful to Adam for taking care of my auto accident case! He took care of everything from finding me a chiropractor to making sure that all of my medical bills were paid from the at-fault party’s insurance instead of out of pocket. He kept me informed of what was going on throughout the whole process, which was very smooth. Adam also fought to get me the best settlement possible from my accident. I am very grateful for all he has done. I highly recommend Adam and...