Preparing for Trial in Las Vegas

When a client first consults with a lawyer, they have a very important role in sharing all of the information that they have collected. This may include the names of the parties that may be liable for an accident, hospital records, witnesses, and various other information. After the client has shared everything they know and it’s been decided that going to court is in their best interest, the lawyer begins their investigation and preparation for court.

During the trial, the client will once again have a very important role. They will share the same facts from before, but this time it will be done in front of a jury and audience. The client will also be questioned by the party who may be liable for the accident.

In order to have a successful case, it is important that the client is well prepared for trial. Here at Muslusky Law, we go over all of the aspects of a trial beforehand with our clients. We also practice cross examinations to make sure that there are no surprises during the trial. Below, we’ve gone ahead and listed some of the facts that a client should be familiar with before going to court.

Be Ready to Answer Many Questions

The best source of information regarding the facts of an accident will be the victim who was injured. They will be able to give a detailed report of how they were hurt, the expenses they suffered as a result of their injury, and other effects that the accident has had on their lives. Therefore, the client should be ready to answer many questions that may seem off-topic or even endless.

When the defending lawyer asks a client questions, the client should take their time to think and form an answer. Questions may span topics from the accident itself, to the background and personality of a victim.

As mentioned prior, at Muslusky Law we engage in practice examinations of our clients. It’s not uncommon for this preparation to take many hours, while we practice the questions our lawyers will ask as well as the questions the defense may ask.

In a court of law, lawyers of not allowed to ask “leading questions.” These types of questions because the witness to be suggested the answer to the question instead of actually providing an answer themselves. When your lawyer asks you questions, you will have to know what evidence they are trying to bring forth. With an extensive amount of preparation you will know exactly what information should be shared during questioning with your own layer.

Also Be Ready to Ask Questions

If you have any questions about the process of going to court, or giving a testimony, it is important to ask them right away. It’s possible to forget a question that you may have had, only to end up stumped when you’re being asked a very challenging question by the defense. By having your questions answered by a professional lawyer you will also gain the confidence you will need for a trial.

Keep Records of The Effects of an Injury on Your Life

While a lawyer is preparing a case, you may still be recovering from your injury. If an accident that left you with a bad back stopped you from attending a family vacation, write it down. Every change that an injury causes in your life is essentially an expense. It is a loss that you have suffered because of an injury caused intentionally or through negligence.

By keeping a journal of an injury impact on your life, a lawyer has even more evidence to work with. They will be able to present hospital bills, time out of work, and your own account of what the injury has done to you. This will not only help the case in succeeding but it will also help you gain a fair settlement which covers every wrong you have been done as a result of an injury.

The Day of the Trial

It’s important to get a good amount of sleep the night before trial. Have breakfast, be calm, and be ready to go through a very intensive process depending on your case. It may be difficult to relive an accident but it is a necessary to insure that you are compensated for your damages.

If you think that giving a testimony will be too difficult, or you are still stressed from an accident, it may help to seek out a therapist. They can help you recover mentally from an injury you have suffered as well as address any concerns you may have about reliving an injury while giving a testimony. Be sure to document any time and resources you had to spend with a therapist as a result of your injury. Your lawyer will be able to factor everything into a fair settlement claim that will cover all of your expenses, both for physical and mental recovery.