Slip or Trip and Fall Las Vegas and Henderson NV

Las Vegas is a great place to get away for an adventure, but all adventures come with their own risks. Whether you are in town for a visit, or you live here, you are entitled to a safe experience every time.

If you are a victim of slipping or falling on someone’s property, it’s important to get in touch with us at 702-302-2277. Our firm offers free consultations for anyone that has become injured so that may pinpoint who may be at fault for their damages, and whether a case can be made.

How are Slip, Trip, or Fall Accidents Legally Treated?

When someone becomes injured on someone else’s property, the accident is considered a “premises liability” case. This type of case is opened to prove that the owner of the property was negligent in taking care of their land or building which made an accident possible.

Hotels are under tight scrutiny to maintain their property so that guests do not become harmed. Many states have their own laws around merchant and hotel responsibilities, so it’s crucial that you hire a lawyer that is familiar with Nevada state laws for a Las Vegas case.

What to Do if You Are Involved in a Slip, Trip, or Fall Accident

If you are injured on a property and need medical assistant, call an ambulance or someone that can get you to a hospital. While waiting for assistance, you should get the names of the owners and managers. In the event that you are hurt and cannot get up, you can have someone that is with you do this.

Make sure that you get the names of witnesses as soon as you can. A victim of a slip and fall case may return from the hospital to find a spill cleaned up and witnesses having left the scene of the accident. If you can get photos of the scene, as well as the injuries, do so right away. This will ensure that you any evidence that is present is not destroyed or undocumented.

Also save your shoes and clothes. These items can be helpful in proving that you were not at fault for the accident by having worn adequate shoes and clothes. Sometimes defendants will try to turn the fault around, right back at the victim, so saving the shoes and clothes is necessary.

Sometimes insurance companies may send out people that record statements from you. Do not give them any recorded statements, as their priority is to make sure that they don’t lose money. It’s also not a good idea to accept any private settlements from an insurance company without first consulting with a professional. If an insurance company knows that they will lose in court, they may try to negotiate by giving a considerably lower settlement upfront.

Slip and Fall Accidents in Las Vegas

Falls can happen anywhere from hotels and restaurants to casinos. They can be caused by an absence of handrails, insufficient lighting, or negligent staff that bumped into the victim. We have experienced representing clients that have experienced all sorts of accidents as outlined above, as well as slips caused by uneven sidewalks and floors, loose carpets, or faulty escalators.

Slips can happen anywhere with a wet or frozen surface. If a slip is observed by the staff and not cleaned up in time, or if it is observed and no warning sign is put up, the property owner may be responsible for any accidents. Regardless of your accident happened it’s important to get in touch with a professional lawyer to overview your case.

What Needs to be Proved for a Successful Case?

If you are looking to win a slip and fall lawsuit in Las Vegas you will have to prove who is liable for the accident. For example, in the event that a guest slips on ice that their friend spilled, the liability will not rest on the hotel owner.

At Muslusky Law, our experienced lawyers will be able to help you prove your case. In addition to examining all of the evidence available, they will also be familiar with safety code violations and know if the owner is at fault.