Social Media

Social media has the potential to help connect people around the world, but it also has the potential to harm others. If something goes viral, especially a statement that is not true, damages can increase exponentially. It’s our job to help you win a fair settlement for damages that others have caused intentionally or out of negligence.

In today’s multimedia world it can be difficult to identify who is responsible for certain damages. At Muslusky Law, we have many years of experience investigating defamation cases and finding out who’s to blame. We also offer a free consultation for victims of social media damages. Just give us a call at 702-302-2277 and we will setup an appointment to learn more about your case, provide no-obligation advice, and determine if it would be beneficial to go to court.

Who is Responsible for Social Media Defamation?

Aside from the offending party that defames a person, other people may be responsible for social media damages. If someone takes a photo that is not authorized and then uploads it online they may be held responsible for its misuse. If someone else takes the same photo and adds defamatory content to it, they too will be responsible for the damages that they cause.

Defamation online often happens through thoughtless action. However, no matter how spontaneous an action is does not mean it won’t come without consequences to its victims.

How Does Social Media Harm Defamation Individuals?

Imagine that a person takes a photo of a teacher out partying and posts it online. This photo could be found by potential students and parents who may not find their behavior appropriate. The damages that can result from such a situation ranges from being made uncomfortable, to being fired and even sued.

If someone does not have permission to take a photo of another person, or is not allowed to do so on their property, they can also not post such images. At Muslusky Law, our job is to prove that the offending party caused damages by posting content on social media and to make sure that you are compensated for your damages.

An individual may suffer physical injuries if the defamation against them results in violent threats and actions. Victims of defamation can also suffer from mental trauma, anxiety, insomnia, and depression. To treat these injuries a victim has to spend money and time on medical expenses. They may even miss work or be permanently affected by the damages they have suffered.

What to Do During a Social Media Defamation Civil Lawsuit

If you are suing someone else for damages, it’s important to cease posting to your social media accounts. This may affect the case and even give the opposing party something to attack you with in court. Do not post details about your case, injuries, or other private information. Even if your accounts are set to private, it is possible for a defendant to gain evidence about your recent posts.

Make sure that other friends are not checking into locations with you or posting photos of you while the case is going on. This will benefit you by making sure that you are safe and also that no incriminating evidence against your person is made.

Also, never accept friend requests from people you do not recognize. Even if the friend is someone you know, the profile may have been created by someone else in order to befriend you. During an open case it’s best to not accept any new friend requests. And if you have to, confirm with the friend via text message or phone that they did in fact add you.

Something that a lot of social media victims may do is delete old accounts and posts. Do not do this unless if you have been legally advised to do so. If the other party has saved old accounts and posts, they may try to prove that you were hiding evidence by deleting old content. It is your duty to preserve evidence when a case is opened. Before engaging in any further actions on your social media account, professional counseling is recommended.

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