Traffic Tickets and Moving Violations in Las Vegas

If you have received a moving violation, it is likely you have to decide between paying the fine and going to court. Paying a fine without disputing the ticket might be construed as an admission of guilt.  This will add points to your driving record.  In turn, this will increase your insurance premiums.  These points can linger on your driving record and your insurance premiums will substantially increase if there is a future moving violation. The fines that come with moving violations can become burdensome in both the payment and time out of your day to in order to attend the court hearing.

Some understand that fighting a ticket in court could lead to a more reasonable result, which is a much better alternative to paying the ticket in full and still getting points on your license.  However, this leads to possibly spending a whole day in court, obtaining an uncertain result, when the time could have been better spent working, or with family, or doing what you want to do with your day.

It is simple to see why drivers who represent themselves end up spending more money and time fighting their own cases: the first trip to court typically requires waiting in a long line just to see a judge and plead to the charges.  Many drivers do not know that a nolo contendere plea has the same effect as a guilty plea. Too many clients, who tried to handle their own tickets in the past, plead nolo because the bailiff told them it meant, “Guilty with an excuse”.  In reality, it is essentially a guilty plea regardless of the circumstances surrounding the violation.  After missing a day of work to wait in line just to make a plea, another court date will be required if you fail to pay your fine in a timely manner.

In court, many drivers choose to defend themselves, erroneously believing they have a legitimate excuse. Unfortunately, the court looks upon these drivers as a nuisance:  people without a general understanding of the legal system who annoy judges with their incessant arguing and lack of understanding of court procedure.  These people end up wasting the court’s time as the inproper driver cannot effectively cross-examine witnesses, or the citing police offers who attend dozens of cases a year. By the time the verdict comes back as guilty, the unrepresented driver spent countless hours and/or days to prepare their case for the same inevitable result, when their time could have been better spent elsewhere.

Although it is your right to represent yourself in court, it is not recommended for anyone without legal experience, or the time to adequately read up on the law which applies to your fact pattern.  If you hire the right traffic ticket lawyer, the lawyer can reduce the charges or even get them dismissed. Attorneys can obtain better results by negotiating moving violations into non-moving violations, which typically cost only a fine (such as illegal parking); a simple fine, no traffic school, and most importantly, no points on your driving record.

Most of us would rather pay a slightly higher illegal parking fee rather than pay for a speeding ticket with points on our license along with increased insurance premiums. Furthermore, many drivers would rather spend their time doing what they WANT to do instead of wasting the day away in court lines and to deal with the wrath of an impatient judge, and an uncertain result.

Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Las Vegas

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Drivers that decide to hire our office also benefit from almost never having to go to court. We will handle this for you, so you do not miss work.  Then we provide you with the outcome and instructions on how to completely resolve any outstanding issues, including payment of any possible fines.  When you retain us to handle your citation(s), you are getting an experienced attorney working for you.

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