What to do After an Accident in Las Vegas

If you are ever in a car accident there are a few things that you should do, if possible, that will benefit you in the long run. Now if you’ve already been involved in an accident, then we recommend that you get in touch with us right away so that we may review your claim free of charge.

Remain at the Scene

It’s a legal obligation for those involved in an accident to remain at the scene unless the authorities arrive there. Fleeing a scene, especially if injuries or damages took place, will categorize the person who left as a hit and run driver, which carries its own fines and severe legal consequences.

Those that are able to call the police should definitely do so as soon as possible so that authorities can get there and file a report. Ask for the names of the officers which arrive to the scene, as well as their badge numbers, to ensure that you can get a copy of the police report should you lose the initial copy.

Check On All of Those Involved in the Accident

Before beginning to figure out what property has been damaged, do a comprehensive check to make sure that everyone is alright. If someone needs medical help make sure that they receive it as soon as possible.

Do not move anyone that has neck or back pain unless a greater risk prevents itself in not moving them before medical professionals arrive. Someone with a broken back may become paralyzed if they are moved without first being stabilized. Likewise, do not move someone if they are unconscious.

Collect Names and Contact Information

Get the names, numbers, contact addresses, drivers’ license numbers, and license plate numbers from the drivers and passengers involved in the accident. If any witnesses are in the area, ask them what they saw and get their information as well.

During this time it is also a good idea to take photos of the damage. If you have photos of your car before the damage, make sure to share them with your attorney. Before and after photos will go a long way in showing the true impact that the accident has had on your property.

Update Your Insurance Company

As soon as it’s possible to do so, contact your insurance company and let them know that you’ve been in an accident. Answer any questions that they may have and be honest in what you share with them. If your insurance provider discovers that you lied or held back vital information they may deny you coverage.

Your insurance company may also ask for a police report to determine if any laws were broken and to determine who was to blame.

Keep Records of All Expenses

Any monetary or time expense that you have to pay should be recorded. If you have to spend five hours of your time going to a doctor instead of going to work, document the cost of the doctor visit as well as the time wasted going there and also away from work. Make notes of any specialist you have to visit, any medication which you have to take, and so forth.

Starting to keep a journal of your life and how an accident has affected it is greatly recommended. While it’s easy to document bills and get them paid for, it’s not as easy to document and prove the emotional damage that may come with being in an accident. Make sure to note any scarring, things you can no longer do because of your injuries, and how the harm you suffered from the accident has affected those around you.

Do Not Agree to Settlements

The only time you should take an early settlement offer is when your lawyer has told you that it is appropriate to do so. Settling a claim before having a physical examination and before determining the true cost of the accident is a silly endeavor that will harm you later down the road.

Insurance companies profit from providing small settlements as well as getting victims to sign contracts banning them from taking the case to court. Do not sign such a contract or even agree in person to a settlement. Your agreement may be recorded and after that happens it will be too late to file a lawsuit claim to earn the reasonable figure that you may be entitled to.