Wrongful Death Claims in Las Vegas

A wrongful death can put a great strain on a family, both through economic damages and emotional damages. If you or a loved one has suffered the loss of a family member due to a wrongful death then you may be entitled to compensation that will provide a form of assistance during such a difficult time.

At Muslusky Law our goal in representing a family who has lost someone dear to them is making sure that they are taken care of. Nothing can justify losing a family member, but through our assistance we hope to bring their survivors justice and closure.

What Does Financial Compensation Cover?

The family of a wrongful death victim is entitled to financial support which will cover things such as funeral expenses, cost of a child’s college which the lost wage bearer will no longer be able to save for, house payments, car payments, and the emotional toll the loss has taken on the survivors.

No matter what the size of a settlement is, the life of a wrongful death victim cannot be brought back. Through our assistance we hope to bring as much normalcy back to your life and also to make sure that your family doesn’t have to experience further unhappiness.

What is No Recovery?

No recovery is a term that means you don’t owe your lawyer a fee if they cannot win your case. By working on such terms, it’s likely that they will only accept the case if it is a strong case with good chances of a financial recovery.

At Muslusky Law we provide free consultations for those who survive the victims of wrongful deaths. Through our first meeting we can get to know you and the deceased party better, as well as provide you with an estimated outlining what you may be entitled to and the chances of winning a claim.

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim?

Spouses, children, heirs, and other beneficiaries of a lost one may be entitled to file a wrongful death claim against those liable for the loss. Without knowing the exact details of a case it’s impossible to determine if someone is eligible for filing such a claim or not. This is why we recommend that anyone who is dealing with such a hardship give us a call and set up an appointment with one of our lawyers.

In order to prove a wrongful death claim, there will also need to be evidence that establishes the negligence of the defendant and how it led to the loss of a human life. There also needs to be proof that financial damages arose out of the wrongful death: such as documents outlining the average and predicted income that they were bringing in, and the expenses incurred in funeral costs and other bills.

How Soon Should a Claim Be Filed?

The answer to this question depends on type of accident that led to the wrongful death. For example, he statute of limitations for a wrongful death arising out of malpractice is different from the statute of limitations for an accidental death. In addition, the law of limitations often change for states across the nation.

At the time that this page was written the statute of limitations for a wrongful death in Nevada was two years. But the best way to make sure that you have the most up-to-date and relevant information regarding your case is by giving us a call and speaking with our attorneys directly. They will be able to answer any questions you have, as well as let you know how long you have to file a claim before it’s too late.

Wrongful Death Lawyer in Las Vegas

If you have reason to believe that a family member’s death was an accident that could have been avoided, it’s important to look into the matter further. The CDC reports that prescription drug deaths are the second leading cause of accidental deaths in the United States. Don’t assume that the accident was the fault of the person whose life was lost. Until an investigation is conducted, as well as research into the circumstances of the accident, it will remain unclear who is liable for the death.